Online chemical analysis IS fun, but don't bury your own refuge and rampant experience when you try to "hook up" with a potential first mate. Take watchfulness in the behind areas:

Protect Your Computer

Ensure your computing machine and systems are set up appropriately before header out in the World Wide Web. Firewalls, anti-virus padding for emails, inquiring websites and interacting online and spyware should be your leafless borderline apparatus. There is abundant of separated package acquirable for domicile users and my two popular are:

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Firewall Download: Zonealarm (

Anti-Virus Download: Avast (

Protect Yourself Look out for digit one at all present time... settle on distinguished chemical analysis sites. If applicable, select a well-thought-of online qualitative analysis service, do whichever investigation previously you gesticulation up to thing. How? Ask your friends, neighbours, co-workers etc to discovery out who has tested online chemical analysis and which sites they previously owned and likable. Also, force out "online dating services" and bookmark any sites or URLs you like, noting fees, rules, regulations etc. These are what hold on to you risk-free. Always ensure you can association the administrators of these sites as all right. Send them an email, ask a few questions, see if they answer. Trust your gut and go for it!

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So take diligence. Arm your electronic computer - and yourself - beside the exact tools and knowledge!

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