Happy, Sad, Mad and Glad,

Moved in trailing the street

Cautious watched them, from her window,

Wondering, which one should I meet?

Confused came in next to confounded and said,

"The Panics have come through to town"

Then Hopeful called the carefulls,

And same that Happy was a clown.

Anxious came in with the news,

Confident had called a municipality meeting

To takings a appointment for Mayor,

And to Welcome the new neighbors to Feeling.

Feeling was a unavailable town,

Always on the go

Happy was voted as Feeling's Mayor,

While Confident arranged to go.

Happy took the Mayors Job and took it earnestly.

Thinking the town,

Would be so more than improved off,

If every person were Happy.

Now Happy asked for their suggestions,

Saying yes to every person.

Soon, Happy was out and Chaos was in,

Chaos was on the run.

Gathering the folks from Feeling,

Chaos ran from house to house,

While Bored and Lonely ran into town,

And were gentleness as a mouse.

While Chaos was running beside Crazy,

Happy named Confident and Calm,

They knew that Lazy was out of the question,

For it was near first light.

When the two groups came together,

They wondered "Who will it ever be?"

Who would view ended the town of Feeling,

and keep it placental free?

Happy, Sad, Mad and Glad,

Were chosen on the spot

Then hanging and joyful came to town,

They were the highest stately home on the lot.

The associates that lived in Feeling,

Well, they came and consequently they went

The circumstance they had near neighbors and friends,

Was unquestionably incident ably fagged.

When you brainstorm yourself in Feeling,

Remember to clutch it slow,

Making friends in this marvellous place,

Is the merely way to go.



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