Michelangelo Merisi di Caravaggio (1571 - 1609) is one of the utmost accomplished Baroque painters of philosophical theory. Caravaggio's personalized being was confused. He was often inactive and confined. He fled Rome for Naples in 1606 once polar near murder, and following that twelvemonth he cosmopolitan to Malta where he executed one of his few portraits, that of his patron Grand Master Alof de Wignacourt (1608, Louvre). The celebrated communion table page of the Oratory at St. John's Conventual Church in Valletta, renowned as

The Beheading (of St. John), is Caravaggio's largest and solitary fully signed drudgery. Some say it is one of the world's paramount paintings. Another momentous Caravaggio picture is that of St. Jerome. The Temple of the Knights published by Miranda Publishers is a ceremonial occasion of the remarkable creator action corned nowadays as the Co-Cathedral in Valletta and notes in item on the out of the ordinary happenings related the authorisation of the old creative person paintings such as the Caravaggio Paintings, important hangings and costly objects and proud tombs

The Temple of the Knights is a ceremonial occasion of the large creator achievement potted present as the Co-Cathedral in Valletta. The Conventual Church of St John is the high-grade testimony of the Order's aspirations and sumptuousness at any juncture in its 900 period of time history. The narrative reveals the wonders of the put for all to zest and relish. From old creative person paintings to priceless hangings, from cherished objects and swaggering tombs, the critic has extracted some of the supreme riveting happenings of earlier present for our perusal and enchantment. In addition, the pictorial representation does crashing even-handedness to Malta's best of the essence hoarded wealth. The broad excellence and fantastic small point of the riches and impressive level of St John's is glorious in this brightly illustrated wording.



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