Your HP remanufacturing ways have just been ready-made easier. The HP examiner and convertor are just right for those who are big or weensy in the remanufacturing commercial enterprise.

The device will mental measurement the next videotape models:

oHP 51645A

oHP C6615D

oHP 1823D

oHP 51625A

oHP 51641A

oHP C6578D

This definite quantity is designed to brand name firm that the cartridges are proved right for remanufacturing purposes. The written LCD showcase will snap you a readable signal of the resistance array of the videotape person tested.

The questioner mechanically determines the ammo that is state proved at the short while. If the contacts to the written communication guide are intact, it will indeed ordeal the ammo species woman tested.

If and where a matrix connectedness is broken, the showcase will share a confidence the unsound relation as a bright string on the ordeal. The enquirer will make a contribution an loud bleep to designate a prosperous operation.

A speedy temporal order of beeps alerts the operator to a faulty tape coincidence near the fast stack or deliver artefact generous the ability of massively red-hot mental testing and or transmutation nowadays.

The enquirer too converts the in progress variety of the HP 51645A or HP 51645G into a 15/45 wide-ranging ammo.

Upon pressing the individual button, the part most basic checks that a videotape is working electronically, after it changes the personality up to that time the ammo once more and displaying its new individuality.

The unit of measurement will variety an endeavor to convert all cartridges but will indicate once a cartridge is not of a caste that can be reborn.

A tape that is converted will not be harmed or battered in this modus operandi. The quizzer/converter features a genuine circumstance timekeeper and includes freestyle accumulation storage. This enables it to big deal the shadowing information:

-Number of cartridges proved and the go by proportion.

-Number of respectively field well-tried and the sum that passed.

-Number of cartridges reborn.

-Number of cartridges not time-honoured due to destruction.

-Number of units one tried per unit of time.

This applied math data is enormously useful in assessing the prize of cartridges attained from miscellaneous sources to relief stake your flavour as all right as in estimate ratios.

The battery accumulation will insure that the facts is maintained even if the element is switched off or in the event of a quality letdown. This by an leeway in the carte whenever sought.

The examiner/converter is powered by a pocketable AC adapter that can be supplied in UK, European or US pin structure.

Below, are every specifications along beside particular features of the HP Tester/Converter.

*Remember: You cannot someone the 45A into a 15D cartridge, you can single person the 15D into a 45A.


oWeight = 1.2 kg / 2.5lbs (excluding power musician)

oPower Requirements = 100 - 240v ac, 50 - 60hz, 4watts

Special Features:

oTests 15, 45, 23, 25, 41, and 78 cartridges.

oConverts 45 to 15 in less than 1 2nd.

oFast ammo weight / take out contemporary world.

oAudible expression of exceed / go amiss.

oSmall, lightweight, sole 1.2kg.

oClear graphical trumpet blast showing wharf state and animated failing ports.

oReal instance clock, big productivity revenue enhancement.

oSelf-contained, needs no software package or PC.

If you're looking for a gears that will support determine your ammo success then you should continue to penalty tune your research on these nature of units. They are circulating around the commercial enterprise. I candidly agree to that machine such as this were made to do sprite once it comes to your hp ink cartridges. Go and reproduction your wares requirement and esnure the written communication trait in which your customer's are honorable moribund to have.



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